Guide for an intense workout

Step 1.sign up to a fitness club of some description

 Step out 2 hours a day

Step 3.take 5 min break every day in them 2 hours

Step this for 2 months and you'll have a six pack

Step 5. treat your self to a holiday!

Be Friends

JoJo says we should all be friends!

The Medieval Christmas

Once upon a Chhristmas in the Holly Jolly land of the "North Pole" lived Santa or Santa Claus or Father Christmas or even Mr Claus (call him whatever you like) but he was there! Also there were the little Elves of Hope (adorable)!

Super Long Grass

The grass cutters in Ashford are rubbish. Every 2 days the grass is up to my knees.



Killer Caterpillar

A deadly caterpillar that will roam around your garden and the world. It moves quickly so just look and look carefully or you might miss him! He's cute but a killer!


JoJo confirmed that they are real.