Como Cuidar De Rosa Do Deserto

Como Cuidar De Rosa Do Deserto

rosa do desertoAdenium obesum, also referred to as desert rose or mock azalea, is really a succulent plant with red, white and pink flowers. Here's how exactly to care for a desert rose.

The desert rose can not endure in winter. Therefore it's often planted in pots so that it can indoors be moved when the weather modifications. For sufficient drainage, plant your desert rose in one component potting soil mixed with one part perlite [source: Sidhe] or sand. A layer of gravel underneath the soil and another above it assists stem that is prevent [source: Plant Care].
The desert rose may be grown from seeds or from stem cuttings. Let the stem cuttings dry out before planting. Plant them in the springtime and keep them in filtered sunlight until they begin to develop.
The desert rose needs full sunlight and a heat of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (21.1 to 26.7 degrees Celsius). The heat should never ever drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15.6 degrees Celsius) [source: Plant Care].
The desert rose only requires watering once the soil seems dry. Every three or four weeks in the winter, it only needs water. This lets it be dormant so that it can bloom better in the springtime [source: Sidhe].
The desert rose can be fertilized as soon as a in the spring and summer month. Water it lightly after fertilizing.
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* Media: Adeniums as an available, well-drained news, so use one component vermiculite to two parts quality potting mix. Fertilise with a slow launch fertiliser every 8 months or more and a liquid seaweed tonic every fortnight.

* insects: they have beenn't bothered by numerous bugs. A bit of white oil manages bugs such as for instance aphids or mealy insects.

* Propagating: Adenium seed pods come in pairs and they are full of dandelion-like fluffy seeds. Split the seeds and plant densely into the news. Cover having a little bit of soil and in a month's time they'll be ready and crowded to pot on into individual pots. Seeds are not necessarily 'true to type' meaning that the plant with white flowers may create offspring with different tints. But Adeniums grown from cuttings tend to be a bit scraggly, therefore propagating from seeds may be the easiest way to get lovely fat trunks.

* Grafting: This is the quickest method to get another adult flowering plant. Grafting a branch from the plant with the flower color you want onto root stock will produce an adult plant using the desired flower colour quite quickly. There are many grafting that is different, but Leonie describes an easy one: "simply take your graft, trim off all the leaves except a few at the top. Using a sharp blade, produce a 'V' in the bottom associated with stem. In your root stock, produce a slice a comparable duration of the 'V', insert the stem and press them together making sure most of the surfaces make good contact. Bind the graft with horticultural tape and address having a synthetic bag for around per week to minimise moisture loss. Adeniums can be quite a bit sappy so use methylated spirits to completely clean the knife blade. This will additionally avoid any infections spreading involving the flowers.