The Medieval Christmas

Once upon a Chhristmas in the Holly Jolly land of the "North Pole" lived Santa or Santa Claus or Father Christmas or even Mr Claus (call him whatever you like) but he was there! Also there were the little Elves of Hope (adorable)!

Christmas was only 3 days away and all the elves, including Father Christmas, were working their socks off! (I like elves lol)

As I just told you Christmas was only 3 days away and man I'm really excited. All the elves were too! They made 3 billion presents but when they counted them for the 7th time ther was now 3 billion and 1!

Now, the extra present wasn't decorated in Christmas colours, this present was in black and grey ....

Santa was sort of confused but he didn't mind. A present is a present, right!? Anyway, he took it anyway. The orange and purple one was for a girl called Sophie, but I can't go on too long, it will take forever, so, ya (lol)

The last one was the extra one @ho ho ho, who could have deserved a horrid present like this?" questioned Santa but no one answered because he had just realised that Tom, Finn and Tod (the elves that were with him) were GONE!!

The only thing that was with him (Santa) was the horrid present!!

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